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I specialize in Weddings, Events, Funerals, & Workshops


I am very passionate about what I do..  my art literally fuels my soul. When I find a client that loves flowers as mush as I do, and appreciates my artistic process.. it's a dream come true! 

I have been decorating and designing my entire life it feels like. I currently design out of my studio in Payson, UT, but I am always traveling for weddings and events. Occasionally I will take on small local delivery orders.

I can't wait to discuss your floral vision.

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I am very selective about the clients I book. I try only to take what feels right. I do take a wide range of budgets, and will occasionally take on smaller events. However, budget IS important, and since I only take on a few events each year, I do try to book ones with bigger budgets.

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