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'Rooted' in Healing

-a micro retreat for mind and soul-

 *currently planning the next retreat*

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Join us for a life time-out, girls-night-out, date-night.. whatever you want to call it!  Come play with flowers, go on an amazing culinary journey, and enjoy a guided meditation and sound healing with Annie Hutchings.

The event will begin with a 1-hour guided meditation and sound healing to release what is ready to go and open to the cycle of renewal that is ready to be accessed.

We will tap into your creative side as we create a flower arrangement with specially-sourced flowers, herbs, and crystals to anchor the new energy that will now be welcomed into your life. (Feel free to bring any other elements you may want to add to your arrangement) We will be feeding our minds, souls and our bellies as we create.


Ticket Information:

Tickets include approx 90-minute guided meditation and sound bath session; approx 90-minute guided workshop to design your own flower arrangement from scratch; all tools and supplies; a flower bar featuring an assortment of carefully-curated flowers and some amazing food.




Location: TBD

Cost: TBD

Note: *Tickets are non-refundable*

What to Bring:

Yoga Mat | Blanket | Pillow/Bolster | Journal

What to Wear:

We are all about comfort! Wear what you are comfortable doing light movement and meditation in. Wear layers in case you get cold easy.

Spiritually, The New Year is a time when we can access great transformation. It is a potent opportunity to harness the energy of new beginnings. It is a time to make peace with all the things we have needed to let go of, and to celebrate the cycle of the new.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration.”
- Nikola Tesla

IMG_4353 2.JPG


Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants contain a higher amount of life force energy and therefore hold a higher frequency. Creating with live florals has such a positive impact on our vibrational state.

You will be inspired and learn floral tips and tricks, build a beautiful arrangement, and leave feeling confident to create again soon.

Annie-March-208 2.HEIC


The practice of being deeply immersed in sounds and vibrations that have the power to cleanse and heal. It is a journey of self discovery through deep relaxation and meditation. 

Also sometimes called "vibrational therapy" or "sound therapy".. sound has a great influence on our emotions and health. Sound can make us feel happy, energized and relaxed.

Catering Service


 We hope you love food as much as we do and maybe even get to try something you've never had before.

If an object or person is vibrating at a faster, or higher frequency, it is emitting the energy of flow, of creativity and an overall elevated mood & emotional state. The higher your frequency is, the better you will feel. More synchronicities appear, more manifestations come into fruition and more beauty & abundance aligns into your reality.

IMG_4344 2.JPG

Andrea Robertson aka Flamingo Friday

Andrea has been gifted with an intense love for all things nature and beauty. She loves pushing creative boundaries, and isn't afraid to ask "what if?"

 She’s an equal parts left-brained + right-brained visual artist. A lifelong student, she is always involved in new courses, retreats, and experiences to strengthen her practice and enhance her skills.

Andrea has big energy and loves to gather people together.

Favorite Color: Fuchsia

Cancer ☼ | Virgo ☽ | Gemini ↑

Annie-March-213 2.HEIC

Annie Hutchings

Annie is a gifted sound healer, yoga instructor, and powerful intuitive.

She brings creativity, warmth and humor to all her practices. Her sincere passion to serve and empower others creates a truly one-of-a-kind healing experience.

Favorite Color: Bubblegum Pink

Capricorn ☼ | Scorpio ☽ | Scorpio ↑

Image by Emily Fletke


The queen of all flowers. A sacred symbol of beauty, of love, of devotion & romance since the dawning of time. The rose is a delicate yet powerful flower that has been used throughout history in ancient beauty rituals. The fame & significance of the rose is not only due to their divine fragrance or their beautiful appearance, or even for the wellness & beauty benefits, but because of the vibrational frequency that the rose emits, which is 320MHz, the highest of any plant making it the closest tangible thing to LOVE. Roses literally look, smell and feel just like love.

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